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Aerial Photography

Getting the bird's eye view of your property or project can say so much more than even the best land-based photographs. Simple cost-effective drone photography combined with years of experience as a professional photographer can give you the ultimate view.


Aerial surveying is now such a versatile tool giving you the chance to monitor your work as it happens as well as 3d modelling and digital mapping too. This can be offered as a one-off or over the entire duration of your project.

If you're needing aerial photographs of your houses or property for brochures, web sites, marketing or even selling them then I can help.

As an accomplished photographer with 30 years of flying and photography experience I can offer a unique combination of flying and artistic skill to capture the perfect image for you.

Drone work is charged by the hour and this includes preparation and post-processing as well, so you know exactly what it will cost beforehand.

Nearly all modern films and productions have beautiful vistas taken from the air as it gives an 'out of this world' element to the production, as a filmmaker, photographer and drone pilot I can provide this footage for you with my unique combination of skills.

If you just require additional shots for your production or you need the whole film making I can offer just what you need, contact me with your requirements and we can sort out the best solution for you.

Drone filming work is charged by the hour and this includes preparation and post-processing , so you know the exact cost up front.

In recent years Aerial surveying has had a renaissance, it used to be a high-cost option available for only the biggest of budgets, but now with drone technology and modern software not only has the cost tumbled but the products that can be offered are truly astounding

I can now offer 3D mapping of an area with full-colour overlay. With my licence, I can offer this in remote areas too, an essential for high Cumbrian terrain.

Pricing is done as a unit cost inclusive of 2 hours flying and then a cost per hour after that.

Other imaging like infrared can be done on request at an additional cost.

As a CAA Licenced Drone operator, I can offer commercial Drone photography videography and surveying.

As you may well know all commercial operators need to be licenced by law and if they're not they won't be insured.

Booking is simple You can use the link below to book for any aerial work or you can use the link to contact me if you have specific requirements.

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

Commercial photography including processing and digital delivery

Starting from £150.00