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Portrait Vouchers and payments

  • Portrait Vouchers and payments
You get a course voucher that lasts for 12 months and an information sheet explaining about all courses and what is required. 

How to book

You have been given a voucher for a photoshoot this can be taken on any date, all you need to do is decide when you would like to come and email me to book, subject to availability.

Most of the photoshoots can be taken at any time during the day and run for up to 2 hours but they normally take 40 minutes to an hour. They are all usually outdoors and are therefore weather dependent, so one or two days before I will email you with updated information on where and when we should meet.

What to bring and wear

We will tend to be doing these sessions in better weather, but its still important to bring suitable clothing for the day and suitable footwear for the chosen location, if your to be the subject of the photos then make sure you are dressed in a way that makes you feel comfortable, and that if we are sat out on a Lakeland hillside it won't be the end of the world if it gets dirty.

Try not to pick something straight off the peg, not only will it have fold marks but you're not likely to feel as comfortable as you could. High fashion can also be a bad idea when you look at the photos in 10 years as they will date much faster than casual wear. Most colours are ok but remember you don't want to blend into the background, greens in summer or orange and browns in autumn if we're heading to the woods, also stripes and zig-zaggs can do funny things in photos so are best avoided, but some can be ok. If there is a group of you don’t all match unless that's the image you want, its also good to remember when deciding on what to wear, figure-hugging clothing will emphasise body shape, but also don't choose clothes that are so big and baggy you can’t be seen inside.

Just remember the photos are to be of you, so pick your comfortable clothes, worn in a way you like to wear them, then you should feel happy and confident, that's what will come through in the images.


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Portrait Vouchers and payments

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